Friday, October 21, 2011

Money Money Money

Yesterday I went to get my haircut done with my brother and sisters in Christchurch.We went in and waited for our haircut I went first then My brother any way, wile my sister was getting her haircut Theodore my brother who is 6 wanted to go next door to get a drink at the dairy,my mum said he had to by it himself with his pocket money she said he could have Sprite or a bottle of water.So me and my brother went to the dairy we stepped in and he first went to look at the lollies and I said"mum only said you could have a drink or sprite''he walked over the fridge and pointed to the coke I shaked my head and said no then he pointed to the sprite and said "okay you want that "he said yes ''okay were is your money I said ''I didn't bring it ''why '' you were going to by it for me he said,because I'm saving my money up'' ''and I say to my self more like spending my money''.

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