Friday, October 21, 2011

Money Money Money

Yesterday I went to get my haircut done with my brother and sisters in Christchurch.We went in and waited for our haircut I went first then My brother any way, wile my sister was getting her haircut Theodore my brother who is 6 wanted to go next door to get a drink at the dairy,my mum said he had to by it himself with his pocket money she said he could have Sprite or a bottle of water.So me and my brother went to the dairy we stepped in and he first went to look at the lollies and I said"mum only said you could have a drink or sprite''he walked over the fridge and pointed to the coke I shaked my head and said no then he pointed to the sprite and said "okay you want that "he said yes ''okay were is your money I said ''I didn't bring it ''why '' you were going to by it for me he said,because I'm saving my money up'' ''and I say to my self more like spending my money''.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Holidays holidays holidays.Because it's the holidays I sleep in to about 8:00 or maybe 9:00,but a lot can happen when your in bed ,because I have 1 brother and 2 sisters one sister likes to watch TV which can wake me up at 7:00.We have a TV right next to my bedroom.Now my brother tries to sneek into my bedroom and sneek some money out wile I am still asleep.My other sister likes to make nice food in the holidays and she's 9 years old so you might come out to get breakfast and see a nice juice punch or should I say three juice punch mmm yum

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A and P show

Today I went to give my drawing in to the A and P show.So we gave our drawings in and after that we had a look around at the other childrens pictures and LEGO and other stuff.We had a look at the pictures first we saw a cat standing on table but the drawing was a bit all over the place really then we went to see the LEGO there was about 5 that were there already there,only 1 I could make out it was a boat and even I could do much better than that.Then we got in the car to go home and my mum said you should put your LEGO in to but it was to late to put it in now but I think I have a good chance I could win 1 place.Here is a picture I,ve done ,but it's not the one put in the A and P show.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I like to read mystery books. They are fun and exciting and you have to do a lot of stuff to figure it out. Some of the books I like to read are Enid Blyton's. The Mystery Series such as,

The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
The Mystery of the Hidden Room.

These books have Pip, Larry, Daisy, Bets and Fatty. Mr. Goon is the policeman the children do not like.

I also like the Adventure series books by Enid Blyton. I like reading the Adventurous Four too.

The Island of Adventure,
The Castle of Adventure,
The Valley of Adventure
The River of Adventure
The Circus of Adventure
The Ship of Adventure
The Mountain of Adventure
The Sea of Adventure